Med-Share proudly offers Imaging services across nearly all Modalities. In addition to being fully accredited, Med-Share only uses the best equipment available on the market.

Nuclear – General & Cardiac Stress

Treadmill or Persantine Cardiolite Stress

MUGA (First Pass Available)

HIDA (Ejection Fraction)

Echocardiography / Stress Echo

Echo test or heart ultrasound is a test that takes “moving pictures” of the heart with sound waves.

Vascular Doppler Studies


Arterial (lower extremity with ABI, upper extremity)

Venous (upper and lower extremities)






Transvaginal Pelvic

Transrectal Prostate

Renal Doppler

Aortic Doppler

Thyroid Rotator Cuff

Achiles Tendon


Quality images for accurate diagnostic answers for every scan.

40-Slice CT / CTA

CT combines the power of X-ray to visualize the inside of the body with the precision of computer-enhanced imaging.

Digital Mammography

If your mammogram is inconclusive or shows suspicious areas, you will need one or more additional imaging exams, one of which may be a diagnostic mammogram, which takes additional views of breast tissue.

Digital X-Ray

X-ray or radiography is a quick and painless test that uses ionizing radiation to produce images of the structures inside the body.

VAT Balance Testing

18-second test of the high frequency horizontal and vertical VOR’s for diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring of vestibular disease.

EMG / Nerve Conduction

EMG is an electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles.