Confidentiality and HIPAA Compliance Policy


It is the policy of Med–Share to do all that is necessary to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the Doctor’s offices and the patients who use our diagnostic imaging services. The clients we serve deserve our respect and discretion. We provide a needed service to the community, who in return trusts us to safe-keep their confidential information. To achieve this end we shred any documents or pieces of paper that may identify a patient or a Doctor’s office. This includes names, addresses, social security numbers, insurance information, and any other personal information we obtain as a result of the practice. Materials from the mobile units will be placed in an envelope or box marked “shred” and brought to the main office. Any employee who breaches this trust will be reprimanded up to and including termination.


HIPAA Privacy of Information
Med – Share is committed to protecting patient privacy and abiding by all health care regulations set forth by HIPAA. Med–Share only releases information necessary to process insurance claims and to be used in Quality Assurance Procedures. Patients are asked to sign the HIPAA Privacy of Information Form prior to their procedure to understand that Med – Share follows HIPAA privacy regulations.